Saturday, April 28, 2012

Introduction to my BLOG

WELCOME to my Estate & Elder Law Solutions BLOG!  My goal is to Point You In The Right Direction in your estate planning and elder planning areas.  There is so much mis-information and mythology in the marketplace today that I spend a great deal of my time educating the public through my radio program (Northwest Legal Compass, 1150AM KKNW every Friday at noon), speaking engagements to the public and professional groups and in counseling my clients as to how the many estate and elder planning tools really work and the pros and cons; and costs and benefits of each option so you can make a wise and informed decision for yourself and your loved ones as to which planning options are best for you.  Planning is a very personal process and must be carefully crafted to your individual situation.  There are no one size fits all estate plans.  I repeatedly see estate plans that are technically correct and "legal" but are so far afield from what the individual wanted or understood their plan to be that their plan causes more harm than good.  When you plan does not properly communicate your goals and objectives the "law of unintended consequences" will rear it's ugly head and you and your loved ones will not receive the benefits you had hoped for. 

I welcome you comments to every post.  I am very committed to providing you with unbiased information so that you can achieve your desired goals and objectives.  I want your legal plans to enhance your lives, not destroy them. 

First a little information on my law firm, Gregorek and Associates, PLLC.  The law firm offers a comprehensive and multifaceted approach to helping clients meet their goals. With its diverse staff and wide breadth of experience, Gregorek and Associates, PLLC is in the unique position to offer assistance to clients as they address multiple legal and tax-related issues addressing multiple legal and financial issues within the comfort and convenience of a trusted organization.

Gregorek and Associates, PLLC offers an array of legal and tax services for our clients.  Our proven project management style of legal services has enabled us to provide effective legal counsel with positive outcomes for our clients in the following areas: Estate Planning; Elder Law; Medicaid Planning; Charitable Planning; Guardianship; Probate; Trust Settlement; Charitable Planning; Real Estate; Business Formation, Planning and Succession; Tax Matters, Bankruptcy and Foreclosure; Family Law; Fiduciary Services; and our Private Office Services utilizing our Wealth Plan System.

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